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@stimpads, over a year ago

© StimPads Europe 2018

Fulfilment by Amazon

All our orders are fulfilled by Amazon.

There are 500 million consumers in the European Union! In order to reach them all StimPads Europe decided to work with Amazon who in return offer a great customer experience, excellent customer support and blistering fast delivery options.

Thanks to the 5 Amazon fulfilment centres throughout Europe we are able to reach those millions of consumers in 26 EU member states in the shortest possible time frame.

Basically it comes down to Amazon taking full control of the entire ordering, payment and shipping process.
From the “Add to basket” button until the delivery, Amazon sees to it that you receive your StimPads electrodes right at your doorstep as soon as possible!

Please note that StimPads electrodes are eligible for Prime and in many cases FREE Super Saver Delivery for orders exceeding £10.00 (£25.00 for Ireland). If you do not have a UK or Irish shipping address we will still process your order but delivery charges will apply.


© StimPads Europe 2018

First class electrodes for everyone

This was the challenge that we, the management of StimPads Europe took on when we created the StimPads brand and portfolio of products.

Started from scratch to where we are now, StimPads has the ambition and the potential to become a globally recognised player in the world of TENS and EMS electrodes.

At StimPads we take pride in what we do, hence our electrodes are being produced with passion and a whole lot of love for the TENS and EMS industry.

Stay tuned for more information from StimPads as we will gradually expand our product range and create new combination of our popular by demand ECO-Pack’s. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or an idea for a missing ECO-Pack!


Putting the consumer first

StimPads wants to allow consumers access to excellent, very high quality and long life electrodes at a price everybody can afford.

We offer outstanding value for money and honestly believe we can compete with all the other players in the world of TENS, EMS, labour and period pain electrodes.

StimPads TENS & EMS Electrodes, the logical choice!

© StimPads Europe 2018

From StimPads with love!

Please find below our portfolio of electrodes. From a simple and popular by demand 50X50mm electr​ode, wired with 2mm connector or with a 3,5mm snap button, StimPads electrodes work perfectly and connect without any issues to almost any brand of popular TENS or EMS machines.
We also have round electrodes, rectangular ones or even butterfly electrodes, all available either wired or with a snap button.

A special words goes to our CompXable range of electrodes for your popular EMS unit with a special snap connector. Compatibility 100% guaranteed!
Last but not least and for those who’d like to save a extra, take a look at our special low priced ECO-PACK’s!

Pay less, get more, choose StimPads!
The logical choice…

© StimPads Europe 2018

Performance and comfortability where the key points when we structurally designed our electrodes.

User comfort – even when applied to some joint positions – were high on our priority list. The choice to use non-woven backing material in combination with a slim gel layer guarantees maximum comfort.

From a technical point of view; using a very low impedance carbon film and water-based gel gives us the leading edge when it comes to performance and conductivity. Moreover our material passed the most strict bio compatible tests. Surely worth mentioning is the fact that our electrodes are being produced under the most strict quality standards.
Our lead wires are strong and have a propriety connector.

Please see the different layers of our electrodes on the side.

Often clients asks us how many times they can apply StimPads electrodes, in other words, how many times can they put them on and pull them off. The answer is simple; the general performance and durability of our electrodes depends on how well you treat them, how you store them and how well you take care of them.

Applying : Before applying StimPads electrodes thoroughly remove lotions, skin oil, dead skin, make-up and any other dirt from your skin and dry your skin properly prior to applying the electrodes. Any debris left on the skin will be transferred to the gel of the electrode and will compromise the lifespan of the electrode. A clean skin is vital if you want to use your electrodes for as long as possible.

Storage : After using the electrodes place them back on the readable side of the special StimPads protective film and return them into their sealable sachet. Ideally store the electrodes in a shady place between 5 and 27°C with humidity levels between 30-80%. Don’t store StimPads electrodes in a refrigerator or freezer!

Extending the lifespan of StimPads electrodes : With a drop of water on your fingertip you can gently rub off the dirt or debris the electrode picked up after usage but most important remains the fact that you should always apply StimPads electrodes on a clean and dry skin. Do not use alcohol or soap and do not submerge the electrodes in water or scrub them with abrasive materials. If the gel does not readily adhere, run a finger under tap water and gently rub over the gel surface. Continue with this process until the entire gel surface has been completely rehydrated.

StimPads electrodes excel in their long lifespan but everything depends on keeping the gel clean, well hydrated and free from dirt and debris.

Expired electrodes can be disposed and are to be recycled. StimPads electrodes do not harm the environment. If the electrodes show too much wear and tear or they are not comfortable anymore the time has come to replace them

Absolutely, our product and packaging are entirely free of latex

Do not lift the electrodes by pulling the wire but always pull them of from the edges.

FDA requires us to label our electrodes “For Single Person Use Only” and that is what we STRONGLY recommend our clients to do! When you share your electrodes you subject yourself to cross contamination. When this rule is compromised, please dispose your electrodes and use a fresh set.

There is now way to measure or test this, hence we do not label or claim our gel is hypoallergenic.

2 years after date of production.

StimPads electrodes are produced under strict ISO 13485:2003 quality standards and are CE and FDA approved. StimPads come with full user instructions and safety guide inside.

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is recommended worldwide by pain clinics and physiotherapy departments. TENS units use an electric current to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes.Electrodes are being placed near the area of pain and pulses are being sent via these pads through the skin and along the nerves. By doing so, pain signals sent to the brain are being suppressed. TENS also encourages the body to produce higher levels of Endorphins, a natural producedmorphine-like substance which relaxes and relieves your pain.

EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. These impulses travel to the body from the EMS unit via electrodes or pads attached to the body. With precise intervals the EMS unit rhythmically contract and then relaxes the muscles, allowing them to be worked and toned.

© StimPads Europe 2018

Under development…

© StimPads Europe 2018

Stimpads Europe
Schoten, Belgium
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